Yabao H5 Krull 50000mAh


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Yaboa H5 50000mAh power bank.

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Yoobao H5 Krull focuses on a very long battery life and has a power reserve with a great capacity that is equivalent to several common power banks. The capacity of internal polymer lithium battery reaches up to 50,000mAh, and the total energy is 185Wh. It can charge iPhone 11 for 11 times and Huawei P40 Pro for 8 times as well as Xiaomi 10 Pro for 7 times.

The black or white oblong apprearance of Yoobao H5 Krull is available, and the surface is designed by a matt process. Yoobao sets a thoughtful lanyard on the side, which solves carrying problem of large-capacity power banks.

5 high-density lithium-ion polymer battery packs are used in Yoobao H5 Krull. The capacity of each is 10000mAh, and the total capacity reaches up to 50000mAh.

Yoobao H5 Krull has a rich output interface configuration, and has 4 interfaces, they are 3A1C. The two common USB-A output ports support 5V2.4A. The orange tongue piece multi-protocol fast charging USB-A output port supports many output voltages, such as 4.5V5A, 5V4.5A, 5V2.4A, 9V2A, and 12V1.5A. The bidirectional PD fast charging interface supports 5V3A / 9V2.22A / 12V1.67A PD fast charging output and 5V3A / 9V2A / 12V1. 5A PD fast charging input.

Yoobao H5 Krull adds two lighting flashlights on the basis of power bank. The power of LED lamps is 1.6W, thus it can provide a long and continuous illumination without fear of night and is convenient for outdoor camping at night and indoor illumination when there is a power cut.

The orange USB-A output port in the middle has some fast charging protocols, such as Qualcomm QC/Huawei SCP/FCP, especially Huawei 22.5W SCP low-voltage direct charging output. It can instill 60% of the power to Huawei P40 in 30 minutes. The phone can be charged fastly without hoting, and the battery life can be recovered quickly.

The USB-C interface is developed based on USB PD fast charging standard and supports the latest 9V 2.22A PD output. The power is 20W, which matches iPhone 12 fast charging perfectly.


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Yabao H5 Krull 50000mAh

Yabao H5 Krull 50000mAh