Remax 4USB Hub 4.2A


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4USB Charging Hub.

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Model name: 4USB (4.2A).

Color: Gold.

Input voltage: 100-240V-50 / 60Hz 0.6A max.

Output voltage (Port 1 and 2): 5V-1000mA

Output voltage (Port 3 and 4): 5V-2100mA

Protective functions: Protection against short circuit, excessive charge and discharge.

The network charger 4 USB Remax RHUB-G402 will make up for the charge of the battery pack of the mobile gadget via the network. It has a high level of reliability and security, you do not have to worry that possible voltage surges negatively affect the smartphone’s performance.


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Remax 4USB Hub 4.2A

Remax 4USB Hub 4.2A