MOXOM Power strip MX-ST05


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Moxom Socket with 6 USB ports and 2 Type C Ports.

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MOXOM Power Socket in 12 Outlets(6 USB, 2 TYPE-C,3 EU) 2 Meter Cord MX-ST05

Color: Black

Input: AC100-240V 50-60HZ 10A / 2500W

Output: 4x standard socket EU standard; 6xUSB 3.0 DC5V-3.4A (Max) 17W; 2xPD (Type-)

Cable length: 2m

Main switch: YES

Dimensions: 220 x 135 x 35 mm

Universal power sockets that allows room for large block space outlets. And it is perfect solutions for charging 12 power-hungry devices simultaneously and eliminating a bunch of chargers High-Efficiency Charging Super Current Convention Efficiency, automatically identify matching charging settings, very stable and effiecient.


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MOXOM Power strip MX-ST05

MOXOM Power strip MX-ST05